About us

Lavoro was created from the acquisition and merger of more than 20 large and medium-sized distributors, under the control of the Pátria Investimentos fund. With more than 190 stores in Brazil and Colombia, Lavoro Group stands out in Agribusiness as the largest distributor of agricultural inputs in Latin America.

Besides, the group sells its own agrochemicals, foliar fertilizers, and biological inputs brands. The company’s revenue reaches R$ 7.5 billion, maintaining an accelerated annual growth.

There are already more than 55 thousand customers served, through Lavoro’s physical and digital presence in the main agricultural regions of Latin America. In Brazil, the company covers states in the Midwest (Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul and Goiás), North (Tocantins and Rondônia), Southeast (São Paulo and Minas Gerais) and South (Paraná and Santa Catarina).

Lavoro is focused on continuing to expand its activities in Brazil and in South American countries such as Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay.

The strategy includes the organic growth of the units and the acquisition of companies that have synergy with the corporation, as well as expanding business areas or opening branches in regions in which we are not present yet.

In addition to the strong presence in the agribusiness, with a specialized team for technical visits and direct contact with customers, Lavoro also created an online platform to serve producers, agronomists, and other agribusiness professionals, which places Lavoro as one of the pioneers in the agricultural input segment in the digital area. In this context, the company launched “Minha Lavoro” app, providing more leading role to the rural producer.

Lavoro’s portfolio includes seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, foliar fertilizers and biological inputs leading brands, among other innovative products for agriculture and livestock. The main crops are: soybeans, corn, cotton, coffee, beans, rice, sugarcane, wheat, citrus and pastures.

Among the acquisitions and mergers carried out since 2017, thus forming Lavoro, are the following networks: Lavoro Agrocomercial, Grupo Gral (Colômbia), Impacto Insumos Agrícolas, Agrovenci, Central Agrícola, América Insumos, AGSE (Colômbia), Grupo Cultivar, Denorpi, Deragro, Futuragro, Integra Insumos, Grupo Pitangueiras, Plenafértil, Produtec, Qualicitrus, Realce, Produttiva, Cenagro (Colômbia), AgroZap and Nova Geração.

As a member of Rede Brasil Pacto Global (Brazil Global Compact Network), Lavoro Group is committed to the objectives of sustainable development. Its management is oriented towards building a positive legacy, in an ethical and friendly manner for people and the environment, considering environmental, social and governance aspects in all its operations.

Our Pillars


We are currently present in many of the most important regions for AG production in Latam and continue to grow our footprint.


A solid company with strong business and financial fundamentals that is well prepared to provide farmers what they need to sustain their growth.


A team connected with the modern trends in our markets. An innovative, agile, and more efficient business platform.


Experienced team focused on supporting the farmer. Rigorous management of all orders. Guarantee on each delivery.

Our Purpose

Working for the leading role of the rural producer, solidifying its indispensable growth to the world.

Our vision

Becoming the best agricultural inputs distribution company in Latin America, through the consolidation of the distribution market and a unique value proposition for our partners.

Our mission

Serving farmers in Latin America, providing inputs and services throughout their production cycle.

Our values are

• Ethical behavior

• Entrepreneurship

• Ownership / Sense of urgency

• Association and team spirit

• Client orientation