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On June 8th, we celebrate Citrus Grower Day. The date was established in 1969 in order to celebrate the importance of this professional who promotes fruit growing in Brazil.

The country is a traditional citrus producer, mainly of orange, lemon, lime and tangerine varieties. The consumption of these fruits can also be observed in the eating habits of Brazilians, both in natura and in juices and desserts.

Brazil is the largest orange producer in the world, and the world’s largest exporter of orange juice, with a market share of 80%. The planted area of the fruit in Brazilian territory amounts to over 590 thousand hectares. 

Citriculture is present in all Brazilian states, but the main commercial producer states are Minas Gerais and São Paulo.

The estimate for the 2021/22 orange crop in the citrus belt of São Paulo and the “Triângulo Mineiro” region (Southwest Minas Gerais), according to Fundecitrus, is 294.17 million boxes of 40.8 kg.

Citrus cultivation represents a crucial sector in the fruit chain, not only for its international prominence, but also in terms of jobs and ensuring the livelihood of many families who work with this activity.