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São Paulo, September 28, 2021 – The third edition of the Colheita do Bem project, carried out by América Insumos, a Lavoro group company in Mato Grosso, is now coming to an end. This year, the initiative raised BRL 1,294,460.66, to be distributed among 12 charity institutions located in the municipalities of Sorriso, Nova Ubiratã and Vera.

Colheita do Bem was created three years ago with the purpose of engaging grain farming families in the region in causes to support groups in social vulnerability situations. The project is a social mobilization initiative that consists of donating all the funds earned with corn farming in the area reserved for the project to local charitable institutions.

This year, over 60 client farmers, in addition to suppliers and other partners, took part in the initiative, donating seven different planting areas, seeds, fertilizers and pesticides. The engagement, technical and logistical support and accountability processes are carried out voluntarily by América. In total, 185 hectares were dedicated to the project, which resulted in the harvesting of 20,000 bags of corn.

“In the first year, we started with an area of 50 hectares and raised BRL 136,000. At the time, the campaign already managed to draw the attention of the population to its purpose, which is to help others with the proceeds of work on the land, which is the farmer’s greatest wealth. In the 2020/2021 crop year, with the support of our customers, we tripled the size of the area dedicated to solidary planting, and that led the proceeds of the sale of the corn crop produced to increase to around BRL 1.3 million. We are very pleased to be able to help these traditional and notable charitable institutions in the region”, says Claudinei Tomaz, founding partner of América Insumos.

In addition to the 12 entities served by this edition of the campaign, the project will employ BRL 15,000 in the purchase and distribution of basic food baskets to other local organizations that work to support people in social vulnerability situations.

Check out the institutions that took part in the Colheita do Bem program in the 2020/2021 crop year:

  1. APAE – Associação de Pais e Amigos dos Excepcionais (Sorriso)
  2. APAE – Associação de Pais e Amigos dos Excepcionais (Vera)
  3. Centro Social São Francisco de Assis
  4. Associação dos Amigos da Criança e do Adolescente (Sorriso)
  5. Associação de Apoio à Criança e ao Adolescente do Jardim Amazônia Mãezinha do Céu
  6. Projeto Nova Vida (Sorriso)
  7. Associação de Reabilitação e Esporte Equestre Sonho Meu
  8. Associação Frei Miguel Bottacin de Apoio aos Idosos
  9. Casa de Apoio Santa Maria
  10. Associação e Centro de Acolhimento Porto Seguro
  11. Fundo Municipal dos Direitos da Criança (Vera)
  12. Associação Casa do Oleiro

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