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Lavoro, the first agricultural inputs distributor in Latin America to have its shares listed on the Nasdaq, the American stock exchange, has just been recognized by Suzano, a global reference in the manufacture of bioproducts developed from eucalyptus cultivation, for its performance and socio-environmental performance as a supplier. Lavoro was awarded in the “Performance Forestry Inputs” category, through the group company Futuragro Florestal.

The special event was organized by Suzano, on August 7th, 2023. The aim of the first edition of Suzano Valoriza was to praise partners who stood out in the practices applied to the Climate and Water Security themes of the CDP, an independent international organization, and in the ESG audit, in line with Suzano’s strategy. 

“We are very happy to be recognized by such an important partner, especially in an award focused on good ESG practices and other sustainability issues. We really value our sustainable agenda, as well as the best service for our customers,” says Gustavo Zacante, Lavoro’s B2B Business Director.

Today, Suzano is served by three technical consultants who specialize in the forestry sector, and a commercial forestry coordinator, Luiz Gustavo Assunção, who was also present at the awards ceremony. “It’s gratifying to know that the client is satisfied with our deliveries, and to understand what their needs and challenges are. This is a very successful partnership, and we still have a lot to offer,” says the coordinator.

The director emphasizes that awards like these stimulate mutual growth in the forestry sector, a segment that is constantly evolving in the country. “We have plans to contribute even more to the input distribution chain, always striving for sustainable and profitable forestry cultivation for the chain. We thank Suzano for the partnership and the recognition,” Zacante concludes. 

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Lavoro is the largest distributor of agricultural inputs in Brazil and the first in Latin America to be listed on Nasdaq, the American stock exchange, under the tickers “LVRO” and “LVROW”. With a complete portfolio of products and services, the company empowers farmers to adopt innovative technologies and boost productivity. Founded in 2017, Lavoro has a wide geographic presence, operating in Brazil, Colombia and Uruguay, serving about 72,000 customers, through its physical presence, in its more than 210 stores distributed in Latin America and with a team of more than 1,000 technical sales consultants, and digital, with its marketplace. Learn more about Lavoro at: 

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