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The largest distributor and redistributor of agricultural inputs in Latin America, Lavoro, earned the 15th place in the 100 Best Fleets award. Promoted by the NAFA Fleet Management Association and Instituto Parar, the award evaluates projects from the companies fleet department from different segments that have stood out on the national scene.

“In the last years, we invested in several internal programs thinking in the well-being preservation of our leaders, customers and the environment. In fact, this is something we should celebrate. We lead large companies inside and outside of agribusiness, which is an incredible achievement if we take into account that the fleet area is not the focus of Lavoro’s business. We are proud of our work”, declares Roberto Rosa, Lavoro’s Supply Chain Director.

The executive highlights that one of the successful measures implemented in the fleet area was the Recognition Program, which rewards the 20 best leaders, implemented for the first time in the Northern Cluster (represented by Mato Grosso, Rondônia and Tocantins) and gradually in other regions that the company operates. For the 20 drivers who did not reach the desired score, Lavoro promotes a humanized refresher course that prepares professionals for day-to-day challenges.

“The monitoring is performed by means of vehicle telemetry. To sum up, this procedure reduces aggressive behavior by 70% and helps us inspect possible driver speed abuse on the road.  Its essential that the professional know the care we have for his/her well-being. In addition to providing security, the reduction in vehicle maintenance and fuel costs is evident”, reinforces the director. 

One of the company’s initiatives is the ongoing training of its collaborators. Lavoro recently carried out the “Safe Driving” live, which presented tips and best practices in traffic on its Youtube channel.

Sustainable Fleet

Lavoro actively adopts practices to control CO² emissions inside and outside rural properties. According to Lucas Pipa, Lavoro’s Indirect Purchase Manager, most of the vehicles at the North Cluster, for example, run on ethanol and the goal is for all investees to adopt the same measure. “Not only because of cost reduction, since ethanol is more profitable than gasoline in some regions, but also because of respect for the sustainable agenda. As leaders in the agricultural inputs distribution, we need to think ahead and implement effective measures that reduce the carbon footprint in the environment”, he concludes.

 The 100 Best Fleets Award is promoted annually and evaluates projects from hundreds of companies and publishes the ranking of the 20 best fleets in Brazil. The award is a partnership with the most recognized fleet-related institution in the United States, NAFA.

The last award delivery took place on November 8, 2022, during the 8th PARAR Global Conference, at AMCHAM SP, in São Paulo (SP).

About Lavoro

Lavoro is the Brazilian largest distributor of agricultural inputs and one of the main suppliers of agricultural biological inputs in the region. Through a complete portfolio, Lavoro empowers farmers to adopt innovative technologies and boost productivity. Founded in 2017, the Company has a wide geographic presence, operating in Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru and also has an initial stage trading company in Uruguay. More than 850 Lavoro technical sales representatives meet with more than 53,000 customers on their farms and in the 193 company’s stores, aiming to help them in the planning and acquisition of appropriate inputs, in addition to contributing to the management of their agricultural operations in order to optimize results. Learn more about Lavoro at

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