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Technology is becoming increasingly present in agribusiness. The digitalization of processes in the field has helped farmers make their business increasingly competitive and, above all, sustainable. According to the 2021 edition of the McKinsey & Company survey “The Mind of the Brazilian Farmer in the Digital Age”, after the pandemic, the use of digital channels by farmers rose to 46%, a 10% increase compared to the scenario prior to the health crisis. This new habit was mainly driven by the use of WhatsApp and the advancement of agricultural marketplaces.

But in order for innovations to reach the end of the chain, i.e. rural properties, digital transformation must become a priority for those who offer products and services to this audience.

In line with new trends, Lavoro, the largest distributor of agricultural inputs in Latin America, has become a protagonist in the industry’s digital transformation effort. Since May 2020, the company has operated an online sales channel, CompreLavoro, which is already one of the largest in the country. Furthermore, it has invested heavily in the agenda technology-driven services, including solutions for agricultural insurance, digital agriculture, order tracking, application instructions and online package inserts, among others.

Simultaneously, in order to continue improving the service journey to its more than 50,000 customers, spread throughout the country and Latin America, Lavoro is also investing in the continuous improvement of its internal processes, particularly those that drive excellence in service and a better identification of the needs of its consumers.

For this purpose, in July 2021, the company adopted the Salesforce platform. Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, empowers companies of all sizes and industries to undergo their digital transformation and gain a 360-degree view of their customers. 

In this first phase of implementation, nine Grupo Lavoro investees are already using the Salesforce solution for commercial automation, the Salesforce Sales Cloud, which is used for order placement. Within a short period of time, Lavoro digitalized the company’s order placement process. “From the BRL 600 million in monthly digitalized orders when we first started using Salesforce, we have already achieved BRL 3 billion in under six months. Factors such as ease of use, security and speed in order placement, with less than 40 seconds needed for registration, won our resellers over immediately”, says Vinícius Soares, Head of Innovation at Lavoro.  

“We chose Salesforce because we recognized its robustness and the fact that it offers globally scalable solutions. Lavoro has been expanding its business throughout Latin America and our main goal is to create an ecosystem that unites the physical and digital realms in any location that has a Lavoro reseller or investee company”, explains Henry Koibuchi Sakane, Digital Transformation Manager at Lavoro and one of the individuals responsible for implementing the platform. 

Perspectives for the future

According to Soares, the service provided by the Salesforce team is one of the main advantages in the partnership, which has already been showing concrete results, even within such a short period.

“Each week, a Salesforce consultant gets in touch with the Lavoro team to identify possible challenges and offer new ways to make the most of the tool. We believe that this relationship will only grow stronger, with the contracting of other service packages and the inclusion of the processes carried out in our marketplace, as well as the global integration of the group’s CRM”, reiterates the Head of Innovation at Lavoro.

The implementation of Salesforce solutions is part of Lavoro’s investment in achieving a high level of service provision and product offering to its customers, promoting the digital transformation of farmers and expanding the company’s capillarity in Brazil and Latin America.

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Created by Pátria Investimentos – one of the largest alternative investment managers focused on Latin America – in 2017, Lavoro’s purpose is to positively transform the agricultural input distribution sector. 
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Salesforce, the worldwide leader in CRM, empowers companies of all sizes and industries to undergo their digital transformation and gain a 360-degree view of their customers. For more information, visit the website.

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