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Lavoro, the first agricultural input distributor in Latin America to have its shares listed on the Nasdaq, the American stock exchange, through its Chief Transformation Office (CTO), Mauricio Pagotto, is now a member of the board of directors of the National Association of Agricultural and Veterinary Input Distributors (Andav). The swearing-in ceremony took place on Tuesday 12th in Brasilia, Federal District.

“Lavoro’s participation in ANDAV is an excellent opportunity to connect with other dealers and to learn more about the reality of the sector, which is so rich in complexity and challenges, given the country’s vast territory and the plurality of crops. Many of the organization’s agendas are extremely important and the debate always makes us grow. Lavoro’s goal continues to be of ensuring that rural producers are provided with quality products and technical assistance, credit, and access to new services and innovations,” says Mauricio Pagotto, Lavoro’s CTO.

About Lavoro

Lavoro is the largest distributor of agricultural inputs in Brazil and the first in Latin America to be listed on Nasdaq, the American stock exchange, under the tickers “LVRO” and “LVROW”. With a complete portfolio of products and services, the company empowers farmers to adopt innovative technologies and boost productivity. Founded in 2017, Lavoro has a wide geographic presence, operating in Brazil, Colombia and Uruguay, serving about 74,000 customers, through its physical presence, in its more than 220 stores distributed in Latin America and with a team of more than 1,000 technical sales consultants, and digital presence through its marketplace. Learn more about Lavoro at here.

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