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Lavoro promove tour do Milho.

São Paulo, May 18, 2022 – On May 7, 2022, Lavoro, the largest distributor of agricultural inputs in Latin America, promoted the 10th Tour do Milho (Corn Tour), an exclusive event for company guests. The meeting took place at the Irmãos Gollo Farm, in the district of Novo Colorado, in Cerejeiras, Rondônia.

Tour do Milho is a traditional event that attracts agribusiness professionals from all Brazilian regions. The occasion is also one for negotiations, particularly those involving the cultivation of corn. This year, Lavoro secured around BRL 50 million in business.

“Presence, trust and solidity. These three words sum up the 10th Tour do Milho in 2022. In one unforgettable day, we broke records in terms of new contracts. We look forward to seeing you all in 2023 for an even grander event”, celebrates Robson Rizzon, Commercial Director for Lavoro Agro.

Over 500 guests and their families were also able to enjoy a very special schedule. Technical round in the field; Espaço Mulher, with foot massage and spa; Children’s entertainment; lectures with agronomist Paulo Roberto Garollo and agronomist and specialist in Agribusiness Management, Alessandra Decicio; chat with journalists João Batista and Vlamir Brandalize, from the Notícias Agrícolas portal; dinner and concert with singer Alipe Alves; all of this took place in the event, which also enabled many networking opportunities and intense exchanges of information about the future of Brazilian agribusiness.

“The 10th Tour do Milho, held at Fazenda Irmãos Gollo, served Lavoro’s need of being ever closer to its customers and partners. An initiative designed to bring quality information and innovation, seeking to ensure the longevity and sustainability of Brazilian agribusiness”, adds Jonas X, General Business Manager of the Rondônia Regional Office.

About Lavoro

Created by Pátria Investimentos – one of the largest alternative investment managers focused on Latin America – in 2017, Lavoro’s purpose is to positively transform the agricultural input distribution sector. 

A positive transformation thanks to the SOLIDITYthat Lavoro has in its DNA. Thanks to the widespread PRESENCEin strategic cities and regions for agriculture. Thanks to the standard of quality, CURRENTNESSand services that our employees seek to improve every day. And thanks to the TRUSTthat we insist on obtaining from farmers so that they can lead and solidify their growth, which is so essential for the world.

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