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Lavoro, the first agricultural inputs distributor in Latin America to have its shares listed on Nasdaq, the American stock exchange, has just announced new features made available in its application, Minha Lavoro. 

The app now includes the Inputs Quotation, which allows the rural producer to quote products, make purchases online or through a specialized consultant, manage orders, check the balance for withdrawal, and the negotiated values. The user also has at his disposal the Seed Calculator, which allows him to make calculations according to the area, desired population, and technical parameters of the seed, showing the exact amount of bags that must be purchased in a given harvest.

“Another new feature is a consultation directed to the commodities market, which we call Grain Table, where the producer can check the value that Lavoro pays per sack of soybeans in the nearest silo, and sell his production through the application itself. In addition, we also have Grain Stock in Silos, which provides information about Lavoro’s grain stock. It’s a kind of transparency never seen before in the market,” explains Marcos Strobel, Lavoro’s CDO and responsible for the project.

Besides these resources, through the app, the Lavoro customer also has access to diversified products and services offered by the e-commerce CompreLavoro. Launched in December 2021, Minha Lavoro has arrived at a time of strong digital transformation in agribusiness, leveraged by Pandemic. 

Strobel explains that these functions have been in development for some time, and are part of a second phase of the app’s development, in which changes, which were designed to improve the user experience, are being incorporated, speeding up transactions that were only done manually a short time ago.

“With Minha Lavoro, producers are still able to make more cost-effective purchases. This type of technology, although it is very common in other retail sectors, but not in agribusiness, comes to facilitate processes that involve the displacement of the producer to the dealers. With just a few clicks he can consult prices, sell grains, and check quotations,” Strobel points out. 

Minha Lavoro also has LIA, a virtual assistant created exclusively for the project, which provides a better experience in the user’s digital journey. “Artificial intelligence can be a great ally for the industry. LIA brings agility and a better user experience, giving the rural producer the possibility to seek a customized solution to his demand”, he adds. 

The specialist also points out that other improvements and services are being developed at the moment, programmed to facilitate the rural producer’s day to day life and the management of his property. “It is important to emphasize that the application does not replace face-to-face service. But we know that there are already farms that are 100% remotely monitored, by means of systems controlled by computers and smartphones. In this scenario, the Minha Lavoro application gives the producer the necessary autonomy to make quick and safe decisions without leaving his property,” concludes the executive. 

About Lavoro 

Lavoro is the largest distributor of agricultural inputs in Brazil and the first in Latin America to be listed on Nasdaq, the American stock exchange, under the tickers “LVRO” and “LVROW”. With a complete portfolio of products and services, the company empowers farmers to adopt innovative technologies and boost productivity. Founded in 2017, Lavoro has a wide geographic presence, operating in Brazil, Colombia and Uruguay, serving about 72,000 customers, through its physical presence, in its more than 210 stores distributed in Latin America and with a team of more than 1,000 technical sales consultants, and digital, with its marketplace. Learn more about Lavoro at: Link 

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