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As part of the UN Global Compact Brazil Network, Lavoro is committed to ten universal principles, driving forward the Sustainable Development Goals and shaping a positive legacy. We prioritize food security, climate change and sustainable agriculture, and we believe that it is possible to increase productivity and profitability by respecting people, communities and the environment. 

Our commercial strategy is aimed at guaranteeing a portfolio focused on increasing productivity by offering high-quality seeds, fertilizers for soil and plant nutrition, and complete lines for crop protection, especially biological solutions, low-carbon inputs and our own-brand of natural foliar products. We provide technical assistance to rural producers with more than 1,000 agronomists and agricultural technicians in the field, working on behalf of farmers in Brazil and Colombia. 

We also work to prevent socio-environmental violations in our value chain through our Traceability Program, which is associated with our policy of granting responsible credit. Lavoro’s socio-environmental protocol evaluates 18 items provided for in environmental legislation and in current agreements between the private sector, NGOs and agribusiness entities. Our goal is to have 100% of our customers monitored by 2025. 

In addition, we are committed to human rights and valuing our employees, seeking an ever better working environment. Our social investments are aimed at the productive inclusion of young people, child protection and combating food insecurity among vulnerable groups. 

At Lavoro Agro, we are constantly evolving to drive agriculture towards a brighter future. That’s why we’ve set 20 corporate and cross-cutting ESG targets, focused on sustainable agriculture, deforestation prevention, occupational safety and equal opportunities. 

Join us on this journey towards more efficient and sustainable agricultural production.

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